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Get help to cope with the loss of your pet

I desperately needed help....

And when you need help you can only do 1 thing: get help.

And that's what I did, twice.

In this article I'll tell you about a new side of Flowerpup that you don't know yet... And how it will help you even more to deal with the emotions and grief of losing your pet.


Seeking help for the loss of Argo

I first asked my husband Giosuè for help when I lost my beloved Argo (you can read the blog article of my story here if you haven't read it yet).

I wanted to be strong and not cry .. but my tears fell on my face But I couldn't deny the pain I felt... The more I repressed it, the more I hurt myself by shutting down and denying my immense pain.

Giosuè helped me so much not only with the loss of Argo--but also with the birth of Flowerpup.

It is thanks to him and his "technical" skills that Flowerpup was born: the website, marketing, order management...

Orders that are increasing more and more!!! His support has been crucial.

I still remember when, in order to vent the pain of losing Argo, I used to paint without ever stopping, not even to eat...

He was the one who took care of me and urged me not to neglect myself, to look forward! It's true, Flowerpup mission is to help people cope with the loss of a pet with art... but it was the time that someone else would love to share this mission with me.

It's because of his support that all this exists, on my own I would never have made it!


Overcoming difficulties together

The requests began to be many, my husband and I were working 16 hours a day, often without stopping, in order to be of help to people and to deliver their friends' personalized portraits on time.

I knew I needed immense help- we couldn't go on like this!

And it was here that I asked for my second helping hand... Sending my request for help to freelance designers all over the world, to be faster with deliveries and avoid huge transportation costs not only for me, but especially for the environment.

I care a lot about sustainability.

But at the same time I longed to find freelancers who understood what it feels like when you lose your pet.

Do you know how many responded to my call for help?

So many people! I was shocked at how many people like you and me faced the loss of their friend, and how many wanted to support me in this noble cause.

From Australia, America, India and many other countries around the world, they responded to my call for help.

Now I can announce to you with immense pride that Flowerpup is a team ready to respond to your needs, ready to dispense positive emotions, to hearten you and give love and comfort through personalized portraits and more...

In fact, even here within the blog we share life experiences of many other people who have lost their pets, and they have decided to give us their wonderful story so that we can be of help to you and all those people who are suffering.

But also within social, we have a  Facebook and  Instagram page (click above each of our socials and start following us! ) where you will always find helpful tips and great stories.


Get help, it is hard to cope with the loss of your pet alone

Remember: don't be afraid to ask for help!

Talk to someone you trust, someone who has been through situations similar to yours, who understands you.

Being able to tell and share your experience and emotions with others helps to express to let your emotions flow out

Walk away from those who underestimate what you are feeling or who belittle your pain. Being unhappy about the death of your pet is a right... Sharing your state of mind with a loved one, with those who have already been through it, can help you recover faster.

Most importantly, don't chase away happy memories! There are many ways you can remember your pet...

  • You can collect his items in a box
  • Create a photo album
  • Watch movies
  • Preserve his ashes

...or have a Flowerpup-style portrait of him personalized.

I know, when faced with death the impulse may be to chase away memories to avoid the suffering generated by its absence.

But remember that ignoring memories and emotions makes them more powerful, unpredictable and difficult to handle.



I wanted to make you a part of this great and positive change that has taken place at Flowerpup.

This was all possible because of you and your support.

Most importantly, don't be afraid to ask for help in your difficult times--don't isolate yourself!!!

Thank you for believing in me!

a Big hug,


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It has been 4 years since my Demi passed at 5 years old. Never a day goes by without her still in it. I absolutely loved the piece created by Flowerpup!

Carol Joline

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