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Free yourself from negative thoughts once and for all

Free yourself from negative thoughts once and for all thanks to the WRITING TECHNIQUE

There are times when it's not enough to write down your emotions, your sad thoughts of the moment. There are times when, writing or simply brooding, you feel strong anger, a strong sense of guilt towards yourself and towards what happened.

In this case, I can offer you a more profound writing exercise, which requires a little more effort… but which really helped me in the darkest periods after the loss of Argo.

In this article, I want to share it with you


How to stop negative thoughts: the Writing technique

Find a quiet and reserved place, make sure you are away from prying eyes and not be interrupted by anyone.

Set a timer for 30 minutes (even on your mobile phone it's fine as long as you put it on silent and with the screen facing down) and write straight away, without filters.

Write without worrying about grammatical errors and make sure you bring out everything you feel and that weighs on your mind at that moment, without brakes…


Write, write, write… Until the negative thoughts escape from your head

No one will have to read what you're writing, so don't worry about form and grammar. Bring out all the most uncomfortable emotions, the most hidden thoughts.

Don't try to sweeten the language but write just how it comes to you, without judging yourself. If there is anger bring it out, if there is sadness the same.

Don't try to appease your emotion but live it intensely. Simply write and let it flow on paper.

You might feel like crying… Do it but keep writing.

Before time runs out, make sure you've got everything out. As soon as the timer rings close your sheet and resume with your usual daily activities.

Repeat the exercise in the following days until you feel that the emotion you perceived has worn out and has exhausted its energy.


How to get rid of negative thoughts with a small ritual

Then make sure to get rid of the sheets on which you have poured your emotion. A symbolic but concrete gesture, or ritual, that will help you carry out the same process within yourself as well.

I decided to throw them in the fireplace, a gesture that created an immense liberation for me. As if a big boulder had been removed from my heart.

Try this exercise yourself and take 30 minutes to pour all the bad thoughts on paper, and then eliminate them forever with a small ritual.

After a couple of weeks in which I used both the emotional diary (I tell you about it in this blog article: Free yourself from suppressing emotionsthan the 30 minute exercise to appease negative thoughts, I felt much better… more at peace with myself and with Argo.

And I started living the days without the weight of resentment, anguish and anger.

Do you know why?

Because I transformed my thinking: Argo really gave me so much... But I too to him... I gave all my love.

And I wanted this immense love to remain imprinted forever in my heart.I realized that I was stoking the flames of anger, of guilt, when what really matters is the infinite love for Argo.

That love that persists after years and always pushes me to give my best in creating portraits, together with my team, that reflect this TRUE LOVE for you and your pet.

A hug,


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