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Flowerpup book: Stories of healing after the loss of a pet

I poured my emotions on paper for 789 days, to help me recover after the loss of my pet Argo…

I wrote rivers of words!

But what could I do with all these "emotions" that I've written in all this time? I didn't want them to remain there just as a reminder... I didn't want them to end up in a drawer at home forgotten forever...

The loss of a pet will never be forgotten.


Helping people dealing with the loss of a pet 

Remember when I talked about "vomiting" your emotions on paper in the article Free yourself from suppressing emotions ?

For 789 days I did it… and it was highly therapeutic!

Last year though, rereading my Emotional Diary I asked myself: what could I do with all these emotions? With all my history?

Inside I had written not only all the emotions of the moment but there was really ALL the path I took to get out of the pain for the loss of Argo.

Notions that are useful not only for myself and that have helped me overcome suffering… but help and advice that could really be useful to those like me who have suffered the loss of their pet.

I just had one big problem… The diary was messy, it didn't follow its own logic, except that of my emotions.

And do you know what I did?

I decided to put everything in order!

To take the time to put all the pieces in order, month by month, step by step.

I collected in my diary not only my experience, but also that of those who helped me and wanted to tell their story.

When you meet people who are going through that dark time… where you see no end but ever thicker darkness… and ever worse chest pain.

And remember that you had that traumatic experience yourself. You faced it and you defeated it, leaving only the sweet memories that are good for the heart…

You would like to help them, make them understand that you are there for them. That you want to support them, that you're rooting for them.

And how to do it?

Here your experience comes in handy, and you want to share it to do good… Just because you know how it feels to feel bad when your sweet son crosses the rainbow bridge.

That's why I wrote the Flowerpup book.


Comforting words for loss of pet

As you well know… there isn't a quick and painless way to overcome this moment… However, there is time. Time is one of the most precious gifts we have.

It's up to us to make the most of it. I wanted to take a year of my time, together with the whole Flowerpup team, to write a book to help those like us who have lost their pet.


But together we have incorporated many small gifts: bits of knowledge, some actionable suggestions, simple rituals and many stories of people who have experienced the same loss.

This book was written for you who find it hard to sew the pieces of your heart back together, because a piece has flown to the sky with your beloved pet.

In place of that piece there is now a hole of emptiness it is difficult to mend...

This Flowerpup book was written for you who don't know how to go back to living your life peacefully because pain is like a fire that consumes you inside.

For you who come home and can't stand the deafening silence of an empty house, your slippers chewed, the mud footprint on the floor...

We know firsthand what it's like to face life without our four-legged friend, we're right there with you.

Among these pages you will find an emotional support kit... Like a toolbox that slowly put the pieces of your soul back together. Inside you will find useful tools and information for your recovery and all the words of understanding and comfort you need.

We want this book to be a refuge for you, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, a safe place to piece together.

There are so many of us who have loved and lost a dog, cat, or any other pet, and as sentimental as that sounds, we're in this together.

So let's join hands, walk with you, and by all means, grab everything you need from this book.


Reading this book is like taking home a piece of our heart for you!

A hug


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