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Euthanasia: making you pet fall asleep forever, Sid’s story

Sometimes we have to face difficult decisions, like euthanasia to accompany our beloved pets towards a better life.

These past few days me and my team are a little bit saddened… one of our member’s cat passed away.


loss of your pet

Loss of your pet cat

It was out of the blue… sudden but not unexpected. It would’ve been nice to see him fall asleep naturally during his sleep, but unfortunately it was not like that.

This experience was a rollercoaster. When something like this hits you, you don't have time to prepare yourself and deal with it.

My dear Sid is not with us anymore.. He passed away in the arms of my mother, the person who most truly cared for him.

I couldn’t bear to see him like that. his slow suffering was too much: he didn't eat or drink that much.. he was motionless. always laying on top of the table looking out the window from morning till night.. looking frail.

During these 3 months I saw him wasting away.

The veterinarian said his kidney had completely failed, but there was a possibility of survival by taking proper medication.

The veterinarian said an average of 25% of cats suffer from this illness but they can live on for a few years with proper care.

The hope was there that my dear Sid was a part of that 25% but that was not the case.

It was my mother that constantly took care of him.. Everyday she had to give him a drip to hydrate him..

The first few days we saw an improvement but with the days passing by he refused to be injected... The pain was too much for him.

He refused food and water like he knew he was close to crossing that bridge and went toward the light.

That bridge that soon after he would actually cross to finally rest in peace.

The pain from his passing by euthanasia was unbearable, it hurt even physically.

But at the same time it was a relief to not see him suffer anymore and feeling helpless from not being able to truly help him.

The decision my mother took was a mutual agreement.


Sweet death: letting your pet fall asleep forever

It would be nice to see your animal live forever right?

But death is inevitable for all of us, so let your pet's death be a moment of peace like falling asleep after a long and happy life.

Unfortunately this is not everyone’s reality.

There’s people who have to face difficult decisions… like Euthanasia.

How to know when it’s the right time to use this practice?

There's not an easy answer to this. but surely your veterinarian can help you understand what the best options are for you and your pet.

Deciding to let your pet fall asleep forever with euthanasia is a heart wrenching decision, but it can be the only one that can help your pet suffer less.

It hurts realizing you have counted days to live with your pet. you want to make the right decision for your pet but knowing when to say goodbye to him can be difficult.


How to return back to normal

Don’t be ashamed about your feelings and to take suggestions from others who went through the loss of their pet. Remember the good times and don’t feel under pressure of adopting a new animal soon after.

Time will heal your wounds

But especially celebrate the life of your pet by hanging a beautiful picture of them on your wall...Or having a positive daily routine like planting flowers and taking care of them everyday.

To pay homage to your pet you can commission a personalized portrait on canvas in Flowerpup’s style that will make their happy memories a beautiful decor.

And how your pet made your life so much better and made you a better person… because pet can truly improve your life… if you want to know more read this article.



It will be hard I know, but with time you will be able to look back at those wonderful moments with your pet and all those years spent with them with a smile, and why not celebrate him with a portrait with the help of Flowepup.

You only have to click the link below 



pet euthanasia memorial portrait


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Waiting to see what lovely you create with my taz a roo…..he was 18 years + 2 months when he came and let me know…..i’m done here….time to go…..i miss him every day

Vanessa K Oliver

We understand how hard it is. Check the Jack McAfghan site in fb and the Jack McAfghan Pet Loss site. It’s a group of people who truly understand. It helps us to see things in a different and uplifting way to help us with the loss of our babies. I can’t wait to order a flowerpup in their memory


I’m so sorry to see this posting of the loss of this precious fur baby. The pain I feel for the loss of my precious Romeo is unbearable!! We had such a very special bond which is un replaceable. Our pets love us soooo unconditionally and the heartache of losing them is beyond anything you can describe. I am looking forward to seeing the artwork your team creates which will help comfort me in the most honorable way during this extremely difficult time…

Julie Jillson

I could hardly read this as I just had to put my dog down recently. My rescue helped me so much after my husband died 20 months ago. Having to say goodbye was so hard. Hutch had been diagnosed with cancer in his liver and lungs in February at a teaching hospital and given 1-3 months, he almost made it 6 months. Your drawing is such a comfort. I had it made about 2months ago. I wanted to remember him at his best. This has been such a hard thing to get over, I miss him so much.


My family just recently had to make the tough decision to put our sweet girl pup Dakota to sleep. We had 14 beautiul years with her and we miss her dearly. Thank you for making such lovely art that those of us suffering a loss can truly hold dear and remember our babies and the light and color they bring to our lives.

Lauren Mulvey

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