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Death of a pet: the story of mom Mary and her puppy Toby

How can a mother overcome the death of a pet?

In this article I'll tell you the sweet and sad story of Mary, a 47-year-old mother who lost Toby, her German shepherd, when he was 3 years old.

A mother's love for a child is immense

We all know that losing a loved one can lead to great suffering. Each of us, in the course of our lives, is faced with the death of a loved one: a father, mother or grandparent.

But when a mother loses her child, the pain is immense.

It is a moment of great helplessness, something bigger than ourselves to which we cannot make sense or meaning.

It is unnatural, nobody is ready to face such a heartbreaking event. Well, as science confirms this can happen not only with regard to one's children but also with regard to one's 4-legged animal.

For some, adopting a four-legged animal can even replace a child. As happened to Mary, who lost her beloved Toby too soon.

In the next few lines I will tell you their story.


The love for a child is infinite

Mary had 3 children: 20-year-old Lisa, 17-year-old Agatha and 3-year-old puppy Toby. Her love for them was pure and endless, as is the love every mom on the other hand. If you are a mom surely you can understand it too.

Lisa and Agatha are to this day her genetic daughters.

Unable to have any more children and longing for a son, Mary decided to adopt Toby, a German shepherd puppy.

Needless to say when this German shepherd puppy was pampered and spoiled by the family. He was never alone: he was either playing with Agatha, cuddled by Lisa, or bathed and cared for by sweet mother Mary.

But the love and care for Toby unfortunately lasted only 3 years...

It was in a moment of Mary's inattention that Toby, running into the garden and climbing over the house fence, collided with a car across the street.

A moment that cost him dearly: Toby lost his life in that accident.

How to get over the loss of a pet

Mary's pain was immense...Neither her husband nor her daughters could somehow cheer her up.

The guilt inside her was incurable...

It is said that "time heals wounds", that sometimes the only thing you can do is to let time pass, holding on day after day so that, almost magically, the wounds heal themselves.

This happened with Mary whose pain, day by day, slowly began to diminish... until it almost disappeared.

It took six long years before she was able to overcome, at least in part, the loss of her beloved Toby.

But it was not only time that helped her overcome her grief, anger and guilt: there was an unexpected gift that managed to lift this heavy burden from her shoulders.

One day Lisa and Agata, decided to surprise her by giving her a personalized portrait of Toby, surrounded by beautiful flowers.

Mary, on receiving it, was speechless -- and cried tears for hours on end, uninterruptedly. When she stopped, she felt tremendously better: she felt freer in a way.

Toby's portrait was his outlet, removing all those negative emotions he had been carrying around for too long.

The best way to deal with a painful situation is to stop and stay in that pain by venting, throwing everything out, tears, anger, etc.

Only then will it be possible to reflect on what happened, find meaning in it and really move forward.


Knowing that my portraits can help you get through bad times, as it did for Mary and me, spurs me to do more and more for you and anyone in need.

That's why I'm waiting for you: if you have lost your beloved 4-legged friend, send me his picture and I will turn it into something magical that you will always carry in your heart.

Or, alternatively, give the portrait to your friend, relative or acquaintance who needs positivity and color at this time.

At a time when he sees only a deep and immense dreariness, it will certainly be a great relief to him.

Contact me and I will create for you a beautiful portrait full of flowers and colors!

I'll be waiting for you,


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