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Colors and emotions: Which color to use for your portrait

Colors and emotions resonate together…..

Did you ever notice that our emotions are colorful?

Colors are pure emotions!!

How many time were you in awe at a meadow full of sunflowers or having a favorite color and feeling good when you wear it.

Like having your own house, with your own style and colors you like, or with your clothes and your home, even in our portraits I love using your favorite colors.

Many customers ask me to use purple rather than green or red for their personalized portrait of their pet…

You’re aware that colors and emotions are closely related, there’s different studies about it.

Colors can make you feel sad and anguished, but they also can bring you joy and lightheartedness.

This is one of the “secrets” that allow me, with the realization of personalized portraits on your pets, to help people overcome difficult moments (like I told you in this article) and more.


The color of emotions

Colors are a part of you and your everyday life, they move you, both in a negative and positive way.

Did you ever ask yourself how life would be in black and white?

How would that change?

After all, colors are a crucial part of life, source of emotions and inspiration.

Nowadays colors are at the base of multiple treatments linked to wellness: colorpuncture, chromotherapy, art-therapy… or the possibility to relax through the colors of a painting.

And it’s thanks to the latter that Flowerpup was born.

With the design and its colors and positivity I convey peace and serenity to whoever lost their beloved pet, thanks to my personalized portraits.

Colors are a wonderful magic that lessen anxiety and stress.

But at the same time certain colors may say something about you and your personality, and even the personality of your beloved pet.

You may ask yourself how can that be and how can I choose the better color option for my personalized portrait?

In this article I will help you to make a conscious choice and be aware of the meanings of each color.


Which color to choose for your personalized portrait of your pet?

The paragraph below will help you understand which color will be perfect for your own personalized portrait of your pet.


Because you will discover which color better represents your pet’s personality.

Read along and let me know which colors you will choose!

I can’t wait to create the perfect portrait for you!



Blue is the color of peace and tranquility: Even if it’s a cold Color, in a psychological way it’s linked to spirituality and sensibility.

In particular:

  • Dark blue bring peace and tranquility on a physiological and psychological way
  • Blue is also the color of loyalty
  • Therefore encourage meditation making the energy flow


Is your pet calm and sensible? Blue is the perfect color for you!



Red is the color of energy.

It’s the color of passion and desire.

Is your pet hyperactive? always wanting to play and full of attention?

So red and all its shades are  the ideal choice for you.



Yellow is a bright color, recalling lightheartedness and optimism.

A pet that’s linked to the color yellow is full of energy, not constant like the color red.

So use yellow if your pet always brings you positivity and serenity.



Purple and all its shades, comes from the mixture of blue and red. It unifies the calmness and peace of the blue to the impulsive energy of red, creating the perfect mix.

It’s the color of magic. The mix of these two colors creates a fantastic force.

More meanings of the color purple:

  • Purple associates to magic and fantasy
  • Associates to the female world, intuitive, magic and spiritual
  • Purple is a color that can bring inspiration


It is often asked in creating female pet portraits, to use purple lilies and flowers that recall the color purple.

If your pet brought you magic and inspiration, purple is the perfect color for your portrait!



Green color exudes balance and control.

It’s associated to:

  • Health and nature
  • Rebirth
  • It’s very useful to people who suffer from depression and anxiety due to its calming nature


If your pet was relaxing and calm but also loved nature and being outside, green must not be missing from your portrait!



Orange combines the two colors of energy: yellow and red

Its meaning is creativity, adventure and enthusiasm.

Was your furry friend always up for adventures and new experiences? Let orange be the main protagonist of your portrait!



Brown is the color of soil, wood and stones.

It’s natural according to the psychology of colors that the meaning of brown is comfort, security and groundness.

If your pet brought you security brown and its shades can be perfect for your portrait.

In conclusion, use the colors to inspire you and create your perfect mix for your own personalized portrait on canvas!!


Colors and flowers together for your positive emotions

I wrote another article that helps you to choose flowers for your Flowerpup portrait.

Lets talk about Positive emotion and why I use flowers in my portraits.

Flowers and colors can exude positive energy that will help overcome sadness and anxiety. The choice of the ideal flowers for you will make your personalized Flowerpup portrait perfect for you and your pet.

I’m aware that the choice can be hard, but do not worry, during all phases of the creation of your drawing you are allowed to make all the changes you want.

The final result will be as perfect as you desire!

All you need to do is click the button down below, choose a pic of your beloved pet and I will draw it surrounded by beautiful flowers, the same flowers that most represent your pet’s personality!


I will wait for you,


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