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Christmas for Dog: do's And don'ts

In this article I want to give you some advice on Christmas for dogs.

This morning I was on the phone with a colleague who told me she is super excited because she has a new addition to the family. He adopted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy and named her Eevee.

She is a puppy who loves to play, eat and sleep long. With the holidays just around the corner, my colleague is very happy to be able to spend the holidays with her Eevee.

At the same time, however, she's worried because she doesn't know how to behave with her puppy... Especially since it's also a period of decorations that adorn the home environment and could be a risk for animals.

So I thought, while looking for information to help my colleague... "Why not write an article where I can help my colleague, but at the same time I can offer useful information to those who read my blog?

So I've done a little research and provide you with some helpful tips on what to do and what not to do with your pet during the holidays.

(I've always wondered... dogs know it's Christmas?)

Pets and Christmas festivities: Instructions for Use


Relations with new people

The Christmas holidays are often an opportunity to meet up with loved ones. Because of this, the pet may find itself in an uncomfortable situation.

To try to put your puppy at ease, educate your guests and explain to them that they shouldn't interact with the animal in a violent way.

Also, try to accompany the animal in approaching other people and leave him a place in your home where he can take refuge from presences that are cumbersome for him.


Assure him his personal space

Regarding a space dedicated to your pet. Make sure it is a sheltered place away from doors and windows. This is because pets are annoyed by loud noises (such as New Year's fireworks) which cause them accumulation of stress.


Traveling companion?

During the Christmas holidays, the ideal time comes for some people to treat themselves to a trip and obviously... The four-legged friend cannot be missing.

Even here, however, some precautions are needed. Specifically, you can contact the vet for useful information on vaccinations and necessary treatments for the well-being of the animal during the journey. In case you want to take your pet on a trip abroad, pack all the documents related to your pet.


Christmas ornaments

If you spend the holidays at home, pay attention to Christmas ornaments.

Decorations such as ribbons, balls and glitter abound in homes in this period and are certainly embellishments that bring joy, but at the same time, they become a risk for the animal.

In fact, your furry friend could ingest some of these or even risk irritation of the mucous membranes due to the toxicity of the materials that make up the decoration.

As for the Christmas tree, if you decide to use a real tree, make sure that the pot where the roots of the tree sink is covered and so that your puppy does not satisfy his thirst from the pot in question.

 (Why don't you create a pet portrait custom of your pet?)

Watch out for leftover meals

When it comes to food, remember never to offer your pet Christmas meal leftovers. This is because certain foods or certain spices are not suitable for an animal's diet. In this case, it is useful to contact the vet for advice on adequate and high-quality nutrition for the puppy.

The ideal, on occasions such as the Christmas holidays (always according to the opinion of an expert), is to set up a Christmas menu for your pet. On the market there are numerous types of high-quality packaged foods and snacks to give the possibility to our furbabies to be able to celebrate and enjoy something different.

Breaking away from the routine for a moment.


One last, precious suggestion

Finally, last suggestion, but not in order of importance: give your pet a gift.

Such as a sweater or a blanket or a snack, but above all take the opportunity to dedicate some time to him and also cuddle him and play with him.

In this way you will also give yourself a gift and you will remove the stress of everyday life.


Are you ready to celebrate the Christmas holidays with your puppy?

If you have other useful tips and/or ideas for celebrating the holidays with a puppy, write them below in the comments.

With love,


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