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Autumn emotions: Melancholy and Nostalgia

How are your autumn emotions? Are they positive or negative?

Autumn to me meant being cocooned in a blanket while reading with rain pouring outside the window, with Argo’s snout on my lap with his sooring as background noise ( it’s loud!)

Autumn is warm beverages, naps (lots of naps because Argo could feel the change of the season and was especially sleepy)

It means long walks in the woods and rustling of the leaves. Argo loved throwing himself on all the leaves piles and hearing all the noise!

Autumn portrait, Melancholy and Nostalgia emotions

For a lot of people Autumn is not a good season (especially for my husband Gio who’s a heat and summer lover).

I admit it, I could not wait for summer to be over… yes the beach is beautiful.. but that overbearing heat? and why do we insist on tanning so much and staying hours and hours suffering the heat for what? a little bit of tan?

Yes I do have lots of wonderful memories with Argo in the summer, like when we used to take walks in the middle of never ending corn fields!!

Walking among those giant plants makes you feel so small.. but You had to see Argo and how much he loved to run in those fields!! He would always end up coming out with corn in his mouth!

And Yes it was kinda scary at first.. seeing him disappear in those tall fields with the worry of some wild animal biting him..

All meaningless fears.. Argo would always come out with his tail wagging and happy to have gained lots of corn to eat.

(That I grilled on the fire with him and my husband. And we would eat it with good italian wine, and a new tv serie on Netflix)

At that time I also drew an autumn portrait of Argus .. Which I hang next to the living room window every autumn

Autumn makes me think about those nostalgic memories… What about you?


To do list Autumn: how to make you feel good

I want to share with you this list of things to do and buy when autumn comes to make you feel good and fully live those days when you’re feeling down, tired or in a bad mood.

Those days when you want to trap yourself in your loneliness and do nothing but cry because you miss your loved one so much.

I miss my dear Argo every single day, that’s why I personally curated this autumnal list of things to do, so that I and you all won’t be overcome by your negative emotions. This nostalgic season that tastes like burnt wood, warm tea and cinnamon.


Walks in the woods

It’s a routine that I kept even after losing Argo, at least twice a week I immerse myself in nature with the rustling of the leaves and all of those beautiful sounds nature makes.. birds chirping, leaving crunching under my feet as I walk.. but I especially love gathering chestnuts to bake on the fire, it makes me feel good with myself.


Fill up on vitamin D

Useful for the immune system during the change of season, unfortunately is less common in food.. but it takes 10 minutes of staying in the sun and your body will thank you! Try to believe!


Resume your physical activity

After losing Argo I stopped doing every form of activity. with the result of having lots of physical aches and always feeling tired and unproductive.

Resuming my routine with daily walks and some yoga really helped me with my mental and physical health.


Decorating your home in an autumnal style

If you love autumn like me, there’s nothing better than to awaken your creativity with an autumnal centerpiece.

Are you a Halloween lover? Start thinking about the decorations!

I also suggest you halloween portrait created by my dear colleague in Tim Burton’s style. They’re beautiful: visit her site here and let me know what you think!


Create your book reading list

Autumn is the season of change, both work and life take on a different rhythm. leaves change colors, temperatures lower and become hostile.

It’s the perfect time to relax with some good books.

During a rainy day there’s nothing better than the company of a good book, warm tea, and a candle to accompany you during these gloomy days.


Tv series non stop

If you prefer watching tv rather than reading a book, do not worry. Just take some moments of your day to dedicate to your favorite tv series.

For me the  hours before falling asleep are the perfect moment to watch my favorite drama ( I just finished watching Stranger Things and I’m about to start Bridgerton season 2)

Here also I suggest making a list of all the series to watch to avoid spending hours scrolling through Netflix library.


Wardrobe change

The dreaded wardrobe change, the most hated activity of us all.

And yet clothes say a lot about us and our personality. Autumn is a great chance for a good declutter! Keep what we  really wear and donate the rest and especially after the work is done seeing how tidy everything is it’s the best reward. You’ll feel so proud of yourself!

I can’t wait to wear all those warm sweaters! what about you?

With this list of things to do you’re ready to face autumn with less nostalgia and more productivity. I can’t deny that making a new routine and having new habits is hard.

You also know that our feelings have a crucial role in our everyday life, and how much they have control of us, making us procrastinate. 

But there’s a special ingredient in all of us that makes us break out of this “chains”: Willpower

Let your willpower guide you and you’ll see the changes in yourself and begin those old habits and activities you wanted to restart doing. willpower is your best friend!

I really hope this post can help you out! 




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