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An extraordinary Father's Day letter

I received a very special Father's Day letter and today I want to tell you about it.

It is the story of Daddy Brandon and little 4-legged brat Snoopy, and I received it from Emma, Brandon's wife.

This story has a very special emotional value for me, as it reminded me of my father when he gave me my big cat Rene.

My father initially did not want to adopt any pets, thinking that they were challenging and would make too much of a mess.

It was my mother who convinced him otherwise, and that was how Rene became part of our family (Click here to read my story and Rene's story)

Now I want to donate this story to you as well, I am sure you will enjoy it.

A new four legged friend

Brandon was initially unconvinced that he wanted a dog, but his wife was convinced to adopt one. Brandon reluctantly gave in. They went to the pound and brought home Snoopy, a 5-month-old Jack Russell puppy.

Snoopy had been abandoned on the street by his previous family because he was too lively and challenging.

Snoopy was a pest, barking often and enjoying destroying his owners' slippers. Father Brandon had to constantly chase him around the house to get his now-destroyed slippers back.

His wife told me that he laughed out loud at these scenes!

When her husband tried in vain to scold Snoopy, he could not resist the sweet eyes of the little brat and always ended up cuddling her.

Brandon loved spending time with him, adored him madly, and in time was very grateful to have him in his life.

That was how they became inseparable, day after day.

The wife was amazed at her husband's transformation, and was tremendously happy about it to the point where she decided to give him a beautiful surprise.


An unexpected gift

You should have seen Brandon's face when he saw what his wife gave him for Father's Day: a portrait of his beloved Snoopy, surrounded by colorful flowers.

It was such a welcome gift that Dad was moved. It was such a beautiful scene that even his wife wept with happiness.

She would never have thought that her husband would react this way to her gift.

The brightly colored flowers that surrounded Snoopy made the gift even more special, reminding us of happy times spent together.

It makes me happy to know that Brandon smiles every time he looks at the portrait I created for him!

Dad love

Father is thought of as the master of the family, a big man who decides what can and cannot be done. A bit stern but with a soft heart.

My father was exactly like Brandon, a stern father with his "old-fashioned" convictions but infinite sweetness.

That's why I wanted to share this story with you, and I am doubly happy that I succeeded in my intention: to give happiness and make Brandon and Emma's home more welcoming, thanks to the Snoopy portrait I created.

Because portraits are not just simple gifts..they are pure emotion and positivity.

I choose the colors carefully so as to make the room that houses it a place of positive vibrations.

Colors and flowers can calm a worried and stressed mind, as happened to Mary in the story told in the previous article (Click here to read it).


My father taught me how to be in the world.

I dedicate this article to him for being an example, every day, in making me realize how important it is to look beyond your nose and train your mind and heart to think big.

It is also thanks to this that I now have my Flowerpup business, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Thank you, Emma, for sharing your husband Brandon's story.

Like Emma, you can give your dad (or husband) a personalized portrait of your pet, too.

I look forward to hearing your reactions!

See you soon,


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