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A corner to give comfort

A corner to give comfort to help you overcome pain for your pet.

That's why my blog was born.

A corner to give comfort and make to understand that you are not alone, that many people have had to face the pain of losing their pet.

Many in this situation have felt wrong and inadequate, many have received phrases such as: "but it was only a dog" or "there are those who have lost a child or a father, not a pet... the pain is different"...

No ! Pain is not different. Because having a pet is like having a child… it's a child!

In this corner I want to make you understand that you are understood, you are supported and comforted.

I myself went through the same pain losing Argo.


Grief from losing a pet

Whether you are new to the blog, or have been reading me for some time now thank you for being here and thank you for supporting me, it really matters a lot to me.

This corner is for you and for give you comfort.

I know what it feels like when your beloved 4-legged child is gone...

Suddenly, everything is different...

The house is quiet: no more paws tracing the mud in every room, no more hair on the sofa, no more finding them with a guilty look after devouring your soft slippers.

You really feel that something is missing, both inside and outside of you… An excruciating emptiness inside, right next to your heart… You feel lost and lost.

It's devastating, I understand it...


How did I get out of pain?

How did I make my emotions positive and no longer feel that overwhelming pain?

One day, I sat in front of my laptop, chose an image that truly represented Argo and started drawing.

I poured all our love into it... All my emotions flowed into that drawing:

  • Feelings of guilt
  • Anger towards myself
  • Sadness and infinite nostalgia

Everything in that drawing… And the result was an amazing Flowerpup portrait, flowery, full of light and life.

There was no doubt, that was MY real Argo. How I wanted to remember... Happy, wagging, playful and cheerful.

I had the portrait printed on a canvas, framed and hung in the living room, in the most visible and bright corner of the house.

Just seeing her happy face on the wall every day made things a little easier.

Art is an incredibly powerful way to turn pain into gratitude! so I decided, together with my husband Gio, to channel our energy and creativity to help you, and many others like you and me, to overcome the loss of your beloved pet.

This is the story of how Flowerpup was born.

We create bespoke portraits of your beloved pets, mixing pop art colors, natural elements and design, to give you the same opportunity we had to remember your beloved puppy in a meaningful way.

With that in mind, let me take you by the hand as you walk this rugged path.

You are not alone: we are together in this journey. And this corner is for give you comfort.

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Feeling pain is like riding a roller coaster

Have you ever been so sad that you feel like something is dead inside you? Or gripped by guilt?

It is a very difficult situation to explain and difficult to face… but we have all been there, albeit at different times and in different ways.

You know very well that each person experiences a pain that is different from yours. Yours is stronger, yours is unbearable…. Mine was like that too.

But that's the problem with pain, when you're in it up to your knees you feel incredibly lonely, you feel like no one can understand how you feel, for real.

Recovering after losing your pet is a difficult and time-consuming process.

Someone once told me that pain is like being on a roller coaster. I wasn't entirely sure what they meant at the time, but now I know.

It's a ride that takes you from the highest heights to the lowest lows and it never seems to really end.

It's a tide, and then it's a wave, and before you know it you're in the middle of a tsunami that destroys everything inside you.

And there are no magic formulas, wands or tricks to overcome it because it is just a combination of inner hard work and time that will ease the pain.

One concept that proved very helpful to me in understanding and processing my pain was that pain does not go away or halve. The pain is not going anywhere. It is there to stay and the only thing we can do is gradually incorporate it into our existence, into the person we are becoming.

It's almost a weaving process, where memories have to be threaded, one by one, and then stitched back into our lives to become part of our history.

And the lesson to be learned, if there is one, is not inherent in loss, but is within us. It's about accepting pain as part of our journey, it's part of life.

Pain is not an unjustified punishment or burden that we have to carry throughout our lives; pain is a powerful human experience, a path that takes us home, into ourselves.

When you are grieving, it is important to remember that you are not alone.

And that this corner to give comfort is here just waiting to help you…

A hug


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Hi! I have 3 beautiful pets, I was wondering about cost for the 3 in one portrait

8×10 and the next two sizes up. God bless you and your ministry!

Jackie Klooster

Your book, blogs and portrait you did for me is helping me a lot. The pain is so unreal and the feeling of being alone in my pain is overwhelming. I lost my sweet Mac on 4/7/23 unexpectedly. The only thing I could say is I don’t understand. He was fine yesterday. And I still sit here today saying the same thing. I miss my sweet boy beyond words. Thank you Helen. You have helped me more then you will ever know in my pain and grief.

Theresa Ventresca

Good morning. I just read your story. I can totally relate. My heart still aches for my Samson and Bear. I have their ashes in my curio and place their Christmas collars over the boxes during the holidays. Makes me feel they are still a part of our celebration. I miss them all the time. Max and Zelda helps with the emptiness and wave of emotion I feel occasionally. Tearing up just typing this. Blessings to you for what you do for others.

Cindy Russo

I lost my beautiful furbaby bella on August 14th 2022 at 6:38pm. This pain is excruciating my heart is shattered I read your post and just beautiful . I’m very interested in purchasing a drawing

Kristie Hawkins

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