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6 Things before Adopting a New Puppy

Violet still didn't know that adopting a new puppy came with responsibilities.

You remember her right?

Violet, my neighbor.

That girl who gave her mom Virginia a Flowerpup portrait for Christmas. Today I will return to talk about her, because the story concerns her.


Adopt a Puppy

I left the house to throw the trash and I ran into her as she came home from yet another shift at the hospital.

As soon as she saw me, she ran up to me with a toothy smile.

After greetings and various pleasantries, she announces that she and her partner have decided to adopt a puppy.

Violet was truly uncontainable with joy and her happiness infected me too! The arrival of a new puppy is a truly immense joy and emotion!

At the same time he explicitly told me that he was a bit anxious… As he has never had a big puppy at home before.

Violet told me she has always been fascinated by the relationship between puppies and their owners. Above all, she was fascinated by the relationship between her mother Virginia and her beloved puppy Lucky, who recently crossed the rainbow bridge, and for Christmas Violet gave her a personalized pet memorial gift to remember him forever, with joy and much love.

At the same time she is worried and anxious: she wants to do everything possible to put her new puppy at ease and be able to welcome him in the best possible way.

As a good friend and neighbor, I thought I'd reassure her and give her some advice that I'll also share with you below.


6 Things to Know and How to Adopt a Puppy

“Few things in life are as exciting as bringing home your new puppy or dog”.

The first thing to ask yourself is:


Pets are wonderful and very tender creatures and even here on our site we celebrate their uniqueness and their value. Be aware, however, that pets need love, dedication, but above all time and energy.

Ask yourself if adopting an animal is compatible with your life choices, your commitments and/or work.



Once you are sure you want to adopt a puppy, you need to understand which animal you can adopt. Dog? Cat? If I adopt a dog, which breed and which size to choose? These choices certainly depend on your personal tastes, but not only that: the type of animal chosen must also be compatible with the size of your home (and any garden).

Furthermore, as mentioned above, important factors for choosing are commitments, work, but also the possible presence of other people in your home.



Have you decided that the time is right for you to bring a puppy into your family? Wonderful! Now it's time to search for a your pup. Begin by figuring out the optimal breed for you.

Prepare a compilation of qualities you must have, you want, and you don't want.

Once this is done, you can explore animal shelters to choose yours.



It's essential that before your puppy arrives home with you, your home is puppy-proofed throughout: make sure your home is a safe space for your pet and that there are no dangerous objects. Also, buy some fresh food and water so you can welcome him when he arrives in your home.

If you decide to adopt a dog, also provide yourself with a collar and leash. Do not buy toys, as your puppy may not like them and would go unused.



A few days after his arrival, you will have to accompany your puppy for an initial check-up at the vet. The latter will ensure that your pet is healthy and will provide you with all the information you need to take care of your pet in the best possible way.

I hope I've been able to help and reassure Violet, but I also hope I've been helpful to you too if you want to adopt a four-legged friend.


how to adopt a puppy



Don't be afraid to give him too much attention, spoil him, or pamper him too much. It's your puppy, it needs all your love.

And since he will steal your heart (he will really steal it!) take care of him just as if he were your own child. because deep down he really is your sweet 4-legged son, and you will treat him as such, whether you like it or not.

If you have other suggestions to provide, write them to me below!

A big hug,

your Helen

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