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6 Reason you should adopt a pet

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of adopt a pet and the well-being that this gesture can bring to your life.

But first I would like to tell you an anecdote that I learned through my friend and neighbor Violet.


Why do some people hate animals?

Violet told me she not like animals, especially cats.

Violet's aunt Deborah was born into a middle-class family near our town. His parents, having their own business, never accepted an animal into the house. They considered it too demanding and not a priority.

Deborah's friends, on the other hand, all had pets at home.

Deborah then began to have a feeling of envy for her friends. When the latter asked her why she didn't adopt an animal, Deborah replied dryly that she didn't want animals. She didn't like them and that they didn't have time to take care of a puppy.

“How can you not like an animal?” you will rightly say.

But Deborah really liked animals.

Deborah hid behind her frustration. Her now husband, tried to convince her to adopt an animal, but Deborah's frustration had turned into rejection and often became a reason for quarrels.

In the following years, even her son began to ask her to adopt a dog.. but of course Deborah was adamant.

Years go by, Deborah's son gets married, her husband unfortunately loses his life in an accident and Deborah is left alone in her home. Sad and lost, she decides to embark on a journey with a psychotherapist.

And here a magic happens.


How to find help

Deborah opens up, all the frustration and pain due to her parents being too strict comes out. The psychotherapist decides to give Deborah some suggestions to deal with her past traumas and her husband's mourning: she advises her not to focus only on work, but on sports, volunteering and perhaps taking care of a pet.

Following these advice Deborah had an epiphany. He decided to open his heart again to the world of animals and adopted a dog, but that's not all! His dog also became a companion for long walks and afternoon runs after work.

Deborah, since she adopted the dog, has been a new person… indeed she defines herself as a better person.

In fact, adopting an animal is an excellent gift that we can give to him, but also to ourselves, not only for the bond that is established, but for a series of reasons that follow.


6 reasons why you should get a pet

  1. A pet can improve your mental health. Many owners who have adopted for a long time know how happy a life shared with a puppy can be. But what many people don't realize is the benefit a puppy brings to their owner's mental health.
  2. A puppy dog or cat can really bring positive energy into the life of the owner, helping him to counteract any symptoms related to anxiety, stress, loneliness and depression.
  3. The puppy offers you unconditional love! In fact, when you decide to adopt a puppy, it will take you as a reference and will be your faithful companion full of gratitude and gratitude, thus making your life much less boring and with a pinch of color that will cheer you up.
  4. The pet offers many benefits not only to the owner, but also to the children. Children born into a family with a pet have a better chance of improving both their mental and physical growth. Furthermore, having a puppy in the family helps the child to understand and learn fundamental life values such as respect, trust, responsibility and compassion.
  5. If you adopt an animal, you are offering it a better life. Animal shelters are often overcrowded and the puppy often finds himself living in a limited space. By adopting, therefore, you can provide your puppy with all the comfort it needs.
  6. Finally, if you adopt a puppy you can be an example to other people. By hosting a puppy you can encourage other people to do the same, thus making the lives of other puppies better. Furthermore, it can be an opportunity for an exchange of information with your loved ones in order for the puppy to find care and everything he needs: for example, through friends and/or relatives, you can find out the name of a veterinarian or what which is the closest pet store.

And you? What are the benefits you have had from adopting your puppy?

Waiting for your answer in the comments!

With love,


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