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5 Gift Ideas for Personalized Cat Portrait

5 Gift Ideas for Personalized Cat Portrait

Did you know that gifting a loved one with a personalized floral cat portrait, can prove to be a great idea?

If you want to make an original gift, able to touch the deep feelings of your loved one, you are in the right place. I'll reveal you 5 ideas to make a good impression with anyone who has a cat as a friend and life companion.

A gift that can excite, but above all that is original, unique and personalized.

A gift that gives color and positivity to the house, or that transmits the memory of a faithful cat that time has taken away, a memory that its personalized floral portrait can make last forever.

1. A new arrival in the family!

The arrival of a kitten, who is considered for all intents and purposes a new member of the family, is always a great joy. Kittens are usually very playful and curious and can be a great source of love for your entire family.

What better opportunity to immortalize it, so small and tender, surrounded by beautiful and colorful flowers?

In this way you will emphasize a memory and an emotion that will last forever, capturing a moment of happiness. And your loved ones will always have it with them, remembering those first moments so full of love.

2. Portrait of cat to keep in office

It is well known that work is an important part of our lives.

An indispensable part, that takes up a lot of our time and energy but is fundamental to our livelihood. One of the biggest problems when we are at work (office or otherwise) is that we spend a lot of time away from our loved ones and our furry friends, that we would like to have always with us.

What better way to feel close to them than a beautiful floral portrait? The benefit will be twofold: we will always feel him with us at our side, and we'll have beautiful flowers with their colors to fill us with joy, even in stressful times.

3. Happy anniversary with cats

There are events that bind us to our cat, and we'll always carry within us. For example:

  • his "birthday"
  • the day he became part of our life

receiving a gift such as a personalized canvas portrait is a great way to celebrate this occasion.

4. In memory of our best furry friend

The death of our beloved cat is a tragic event, capable to mark us deeply.

Several studies show that the death of our furry friend can bring the same pain and suffering as the loss of a relative or a friend. They're emotionally delicate moments, where it will be important to make feel our closeness and share the pain.

Once the acute phase has passed, the idea of giving our loved one a floral portrait in canvas with the image of the cat, will certainly be very appropriate. I often receive many testimonials from people who thank me for this, for making their cat immortal, surrounding it with joyful and colorful flowers. The indelible and positive memory of a life companion.


These are just a few really interesting ideas for making a loved one happy and honoring them with the love of their cat.

But these are just a few of the many, many ideas I receive. Now that you know what to give, all you have to do is send me the photo of his best feline friend, I will portray him surrounded by colorful flowers.

The one who receives it will be thrilled!

I am sure they will.

See you soon,


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