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4 Good Reasons to gift pet portraits on canvas

Gifting pet portraits to pet owners is the best thing you can do. Why?

In this article I’ll give you 4 good reasons to do it.

Please Note: animal lovers care a lot about their pets, that’s why it’s important to give them the right gift.


What is like living with a pet?

Before giving you the 4 good reasons to gift your dear ones a portrait of their adorable pets, I’d like to let you understand what it's like living with a pet.

Living with a pet means living a strong and empathic relationship and it’s truly something unexplainable. A special bond based on ever-growing trust that lasts a lifetime.

Sometimes that bond is much stronger than every other relationship we have with our family and friends.

Therefore a wonderful portrait on canvas for their pet is the best thing you can give them.

I’ll show you why with these four good reasons


1. Portraits of pets are personalized

Gifting a portrait to your dear friend or family member who owns a pet, means giving them something unique.

I's very easy to do: It only takes uploading a picture of your pet on my website, and I'll do the rest, drawing them surrounded by beautiful flowers.

why flowers?

To me flowers mean an unbreakable bond, because when my dear Argo died, beautiful flowers sprouted in the field where I buried him.

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2. A portrait is forever

Just like the bond between a pet and its owner, a pet portrait on canvas is a gift that lasts forever.

It can be a permanent reminder to anyone who lost their furry friend

It will remind them of all those good times spent together and all the sadness will fade away.


3. Portrait gift ideas​ is on trend now

Now more than ever animal portraits are on trend.

Just look at the USA, pet portraits have been a trend for some time now.

You can see people on the streets wearing a t-shirt with a print of their dog, they have a framed portrait of their pet in black and white, with various styles.

And then they have every gadget possible: mugs, keychains, pens.. It can be anything with a picture of their pets printed on it.

When I tell you the bond is strong, It really is because on most occasions the owners are the biggest fan of their pet.

Hence why gifting them a portrait on canvas will be well received and appreciated.


4. portrait gifts supports art

Hanging on your wall an artwork you care about, is a big gratification not only for aesthetic purposes, but because surrounding yourself with valuable things, art and culture makes us grow intellectually.

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How many people do you know that gave someone a gift saying: “I commissioned this gift especially for you to an artist, this is unique and only yours”

I am that artist, so do you want to be the one who commissioned that portrait?

You'll just have to send me a photo of your dog, cat, parrot, hamster or whatever pet you own, and I’ll do the rest.

You will only have to tell me the incredible amazement and happiness to whoever will receive your gift.

I’ll wait for you,

 Helen. 🌺

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